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I follow your blog (Carrie- growingababyreviews at hotmail dot com)

I tweeted! http://twitter.com/#!/gabreviews/status/59004328886804480

And I love Cadbury Eggs and peeps and all the British candy that we can't get here in the US, but that I get when we go to Canada!

victoria morris

Hi..your artwork is simply stunning...and that is it...it is simple and heart warming! Every piece captures my heart!...I look forward to seeing more soon...I love speckled malted milk eggs and hollow chocolate eggs filled with treats!...when will you have a Facebook page to follow?...happy spring! Vmorris0309@gmail.com

May Lee

I love the way your artwork makes me feel! I don't blog or tweet, but I did talk about your giveaway! My favorite Easter time treat is a hot cross bun. Yum!


I am addicted to Cadbury mini-eggs. Every year I wait until they appear, then gobble them up in record amounts! The month of May always starts at least a good 10 pounds heavier!!

Kelly Rachel

I already subscribe to you..glad I didn't miss the changeover cos I would hate to miss out on your lovely posts!

Kelly Rachel

My favourite Easter treat is plain chocolate eggs. I just love chocolate!


I adore your work! Peeps are definitely my favorite :)

Kelly Rachel

And I just posted a link to your giveaway on my blog! (http://kellyrachel.com/blog/2011/04/17/web-walkabout-and-a-note-about-my-blogiversary/)
Thank you for three chances to win this loveliness.


My favourite Easter treat is hot cross buns. They always remind me of Easters when I lived at home.


I am a new follower!
I love your cards - beautiful!


My favorite Easter candy are the dark chocolate little foil wrapped Easter Eggs


My favorite springtime treats are Cadbury eggs -- something about the yellow yolks amidst creamy white center! :)

Rachel Salvaggio

What lovely bunnies, so gentle and sweet. I have told so many friends about your blog, I just adore it! As for my favorite candy, give me good old fashioned jellybeans any day. :)


New follower!!

mel2266 @ gmail.com


Tweeted about this giveaway




Oooo....My favorite Easter treat are Cadbury Cream eggs!!! Mmm.....

mel2266 at gmail dot com

Ms Leighp

Kit, hello! I have been a fan since running across your work on Etsy. Sooo Cute! I don't blog or Twitter either but I talked you up on my family website (Shutterfly). Can't wait for your stationery site. Absolutely love See's candy chocolate butter decorated Easter eggs!


I've been following you since I found your work on Etsy and I love it! I also tweeted about your giveaway, and my fav Easter candy is of course stale peeps and robin's eggs!

Jessica Meza

I have been following your blog for a while, and I spend way too much time browsing your beautiful pictures on Etsy! Your work is on my "wish list," for birthdays and Christmas. :) My favorite Easter Candy is Cadbury Creme Eggs!

Y Ung

So sad I missed this giveaway!!

I finally found you after going through pages and pages of 'illustrations' and sifting through the word 'children' on Etsy....I remember seeing your artwork a while ago there and didn't think to bookmark it. Arrrghghh!!

Ah well, I'll keep my eye on any future card sets :D


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