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Courtney Hanna-McNamara

Do I have to pick just one? I think the "royal little owl" would be lovely, as I am into owls lately and it has such a nice shape for a brooch -- but so would "bunny hug" and the "little scholar."

So happy to have chanced upon your shop and blog. Have grand ideas of a series of your prints on the wall of my little girl's room someday!

Not sure how to prove to you that I have told a friend about your giveaway...but I am emailing several now!


Another vote here for Little Scholar- I love that one! I need to find some wall space in my daughter's room and buy it to add to her Trafalgar's Square collection :)

Tweeted here: http://twitter.com/#!/gabreviews/status/103575705501175810

Christina Young

I think Wishing Mouse would make a lovely broach...it's also one of the prints hanging on my daughter's bedroom wall :).
I've raved about your work to some friends and pointed them to your giveaway.

Ann Freeman

Bunny Bubbles is very cute. I love your style!!

Lauren Donofrio

I think the best buddies with the blonde boy would may a cute brooch as well! Love this new creation of yours - congrats - I am sure these brooches will do very well because they are absolutely adorable! :)

Jenn McDaniel

I'm another vote for the Little Scholar girl, though I'll always have a soft spot for the Baby Mine print—it's in my son's nursery.


Royal Little Owl would be my pick for the next brooch because I have a special spot for owls. :o)

Megen Porter

Stumbled to you from Etsy.

I just am enthralled with your art! Wondering when you'll do some books?

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